Proofreader, Translator, SFX MUA

I'll guide your writing & do horror/gore makeup for your events & parties.
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Proofreader, Translator, SFX MUA

English Proofreader

English & Malay Translator


Product summarized

I can help to proofread English materials; spelling, grammar, tense, punctuation, sentence structure and positional words. $30 per material/document.

I can help to translate English to Malay and vice versa. $30 per material/document.

I can do simple horror and gore makeup for children's and your events or parties. $30 per child. $40 per adult.

Contact me at 90263414 to find out more.

Thank you.

How to get this item

First 50% 3 days before work starts, balance 50% within 3 days of end of work.