UI UX Design & Development

We help clients audit, research, redesign and redevelop online assets
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UI UX Design & Development

The UI / UX Development Project will include the following:

Research and Development 
- Audit on user interface and user experience with report
- Development of design and brand guide 
- Lo-fi wireframing 
- User journey and flow

- Hi-fi wireframing 
- Prototype and trials
- Development Guide 
- Collaterals development and plug-ins

- Web development (coding/ integration) 
- Soft launch, upgrading & official launch

For full details, do drop us an email: [email protected]

About Us

Customised UI interface based on client's brand and industry to optimise online reach and retention rate on website.

Our design and development process takes into consideration the user experience in terms of backend and frontend users as well as safety of website during web development.

We also offer recommendations for our clients should they require additional network security merchants

Preferred Payment Terms

Deposit: 30%
Development Stage: 50%
Project Completion: 20%

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